andrewlb notes

Week 25 in 2024


  • Newsletter and new site out
  • New blog post legible-work
  • Working on an open source project, rehype-jsoncanvas
  • New videos out on Instagram
    • Falling behind on this a bit because of persistent technical issues trying to run FCPX on a minimally specced Macbook air. I need to switch to something I can run on windows or linux for a bit more power, OR buy a higher spec mac machine (which I don't really want atm).


  • Partnership meeting
  • Coaching


  • Catchup with AOD Thomas
  • Catchup with Danielle
  • Catchup with justin_pickard


  • Solo parenting for a few weeks while Ayla is in Canada to support her sister in childbirth; then family is visiting for most of July.
    • Overall aiming to work between 60% and 80% capacity for the rest of June and July.
  • Looking at revitalizing knowsi as a self-hosted app running on a donation/per use basis. If I'm serving it from my home server instead of paying for a cloud host, arguably the only cost will be the domain and setup maintenance.
    • This might help with Knowsi3 as well, maybe?