andrewlb notes

Week 18 in 2024

Launched Instagram

  • Got the first bit of content up on Instagram, a short tutorial video on running the stinky fish workshop warmup.
  • @megafauna.cph
  • Recorded three more sessions, though only two of them really "turned out"
  • This style of marketing is a medium term bet for me on a product I'm developing, plus it forces me to refine my language on teaching these facilitation techniques.
  • Learning final cut pro properly is proving interesting on a macbook air.

Product Dev

  • Round 1 prototype of a facilitation game up and running, though no first design survives first contact with a user.

Site Refinement

  • Starting to work on a text and function redesign of the website
  • Some testing and feedback one this first version has switched up my opinion on what is what.


  • Pizza catch up with kevin_andersen, a good friend and founder of Super Ultra (also in my board game group)