andrewlb notes

Week 11 in 2024

Build the Megafauna Toolchain

  • The basic coaching platform CRM that I mentioned previously is one piece, I also need to build out the tool for managing workshops.
  • Megafauna is a "one plus" shop for now — meaning that I'm running everything with myself with support from partners — contractors, consultants, and freelancers.
  • I need to automate the right things, while allowing for productive friction where creative work come fromes.
  • The big first steps are workshop management, feedback, and capture. Automating as much as that as I can will mean less work (and lower fees) later.
  • Thankfully, I've been doing this for about fifteen years now, even if Megafauna itself is new. So there's a long list to work towards.

Anxiety Game

  • Redeveloping my Covid Anxiety game as a more generalized offering.
  • Covid Anxiety was a super effective planning tool for my little family during covid. It helped us make some smart bets during period that supported our goals.
  • We're never not living in Interesting Times (as Twoflower would say), so it seems prudent.
  • I'll be playtesting it soon, so send me a note if you're interested.

Coaching Client

  • Connecting with some early coaching clients and testing a new approach.
  • Submitting my Animas certification means I can be a bit less dogmatic about my coaching style.
  • Specifically, that means using more visual and design tools with my clients.

Hosting Free Workshops

  • I'm starting to look for spaces and communities to host some free workshops using my original content.
  • Part of the thesis of Megafauna is community. After a few years of remote-only work, I dearly miss the community that participatory design and workshopping brings.
  • Also it can be a good case for demoing my work
  • I'll be sharing all this on my newsletter.