andrewlb notes

Week 10 in 2024

Forming Megafauna

  • Got Megafauna incorporated this week, with all that entails in Denmark
  • Forming a business in Denmark is always a little fraught as a foreigner, so making sure it's all set up properly.
  • Found a lovely corporate accountant to work with through my friend Alex at Hello Neuman, so happy with this setup.

Coaching Certification

  • A bit belated since I completed the requirements in February, but submitted for my transformation coaching certification with Animas.
  • 50 hours of coaching, 40 hours of class work, 13 clients, and 8 hours of 1-on-1 coaching mentorship and review has been a fantastic process. As skeptical as I was of some aspects of coaching going into it, it's been an incredibly effective program.

Website Up

  • Getting the website up (this one) is the big "work" focus this week. Tooling, design, content, and just making sure all the basics are in place.
  • This time, the site is built on AstroJS, hosted on vercel, and much of the core content is written in markdown. My other megafauna connected site, coaching for makers is written in the same.

Behind the Scenes Work

  • Busy implementing a simple CRM and mechanism for tracking coaching clients. Basically the lead up to being able to provide a coaching client portal.
  • Much of this is currently being built on Grist. I'll write about it at some point, but the long and short is that it fits the need (i.e. spreadsheets), has python support, has an easy API, and can be self-hosted.