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Stupid Fits

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Stupid Fits is an open-source fashion blogging platform. Based on a personal experiment, it was built on the theory that fashion hobbyists develop personal style through a cycle of mimicry, external validation, and self reflection. I had incrementally built and tested it with friends, and for a few months had become a fairly active online fashion community.

The Stupidfits code is available here:

Stupid Fits was fully developed in NextJS and run as a beta test for a few months, where around 100 users signed up and participated with fashion blogging, using it to post their outfits on other social platforms, and use the "tagging" tools to markup their fits.

Ultimately, I dropped this project because my own love for fashion I didn't see a clear path for monetization, and while I loved building the app, I had to focus on other things (like being a dad and completing my masters).