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DK-US Invest Group 1


  • Set up the next meeting
  • Andrew: Reach out to USDS network?
  • Annie: Get Tor in here next time


  • Ayla, Andrew LB, Christian, Andrew P, Annie, Lisa

Topics Discussed

  • Paying down your home principal at a discount using Danish bond market
    • When buying a Danish home, you are buying into the Danish bond market
    • You're buying into as close to 100 as you can
      • Usually, when you take out 105, it is actually 100.
    • Bond product: Limited number of these bonds
      • eg. 2024 4.4APR bond -> Finite product
        • b/c of Supply and Demand, that shifts aroun
        • 2019 5.5APR bond -> value is down to 70%
          • More beneficial to pay that back now than it is to
      • Tax Free investment tool -> not realized upfront
    • As an expat: You can't have a secondary home until you have perm residents
      • Monitor the kurs Rate
  • Purchasing property as an immigrant
    • Proceeds are tax free
    • Interest is deductable
    • Many fees are waived for payment
  • Sommerhus Niche
    • ???
  • Investing in Danish markets (mechanics)
    • American perspective; you will pay penelties for investing in foreign markets
  • Post-Tax Pension for Expats (specific SKAT pension scheme)
    • ???
  • Pension contributions as an Expat
    • Should be putting in 10-12% of salary for your pension
    • Moving here in 30s/40s, how to structure retirement if you stay? If you don't?
  • Using real-estate as pension mechanism
    • Most people use real estate as their pension
    • Really nice home, then sell at retirement or get a reverse mortgage
      • Maybe not done anymore
    • Really common for families to build up debt in remortgaging a house -> kids will just figure something out
    • In Nordics, less stress b/c of social security and state mension
  • Annuity Markets
    • ???
  • Investing from a business perspective
    • ApS, Holding Company, what structure?
  • Filing with a Danish Partner
    • Danish Partner's tax requirements re: US and filing jointly? Separately?
    • Danish child re: same
  • Buying property and putting it in child's name
  • Segmentation and Life Stage for Investing
  • Startup Denmark Visa
  • Moving to Denmark when you're older and established (via what mechanism tho?)
  • Art Investing
  • Cryptocurrency
  • American Market and the idea of legal Tax Havens
    • Setting up a trusts?
    • What is the Danish version of a trust?
    • Inheritance tax
    • Trust fund for kids?

Core Principles

  • Managing own aging
  • American Tax Regime


  • Every September, International Citizen Days at International House
  • Hojskole -> Conferences on specific topics
    • Offering presentation, courses; investing in Denmark
  • Entrepreneurship Denmark or Business house
    • CBS or CSE
  • Copenhagen Capacity
    • Ref: ALEX
    • Funded by gov
    • Main purpose is bringing in international talent
  • Startup Denmark Visa
  • USDS community for a nordic-connected lawyer (state?)
  • International House KBH
  • Skat involvement