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The 2024 Newsletter Plan

The plan for 2024's newsletter and writing

A More Intentional Wardrobe

A Spotter’s Guide to Social Product Ventures

Business Model Canvas-like tools for critiquing social enterprises building software

All Quiet on the Productivity Front

An Old Kind of New

Automating Research Recruiting

How to think about and implementation automation in a user research recruiting process.

Avoiding Kits

Reconsidering the language and tools of Getting Started

Being a Good Amateur

Benadryl and Parachord

Better Notes for Design Research

Blocking the Entrance to the Rabbit Hole

A bit of a meandering path down the mechanical keyboard and alternative layout rabbit hole, and back out again.

Bootstrapping Infrastructure in the Public Interest

Breathing In and Out, or Two Approaches to Design Research

Building Co-operative Design Briefs

Bureaucratic Mysteries

Coordinating global cities research Knowsi case study

Covid Anxiety: A Foresight Game

A serious game about making serious decisions in a crisis

Craft, Catalyst, and Expertise

Considering craft-based disciplines and catalyzing expertise

Designers in the Military

A first-hand account of working with military professionals and design

Designing Participant Experiences

Thinking about research operations from a service design lens

Designing trust relationships in research with Knowsi

Diverge Weekly Issue 0 - The Prototype

Diverge Weekly Issue 1 - The Afghan Peace Talk Issue

Diverge Weekly Issue 10 The Flattened Issue

Diverge Weekly Issue 11 The Waiting Issue

Diverge Weekly Issue 12 The Constrained Issue

Diverge Weekly Issue 13 The Endemic Issue

Diverge Weekly Issue 2 The Global Pandemic Issue

Diverge Weekly Issue 3 The Uncertainty Issue

Diverge Weekly Issue 4 The Cycles Issue

Diverge Weekly Issue 5 The First Reflection Issue

Diverge Weekly Issue 6 The Captured Issue

Diverge Weekly Issue 7 The Gradual Opening Issue

Diverge Weekly Issue 8 The Just Tired Issue

Diverge Weekly Issue 9 The Dependencies Issue

Exporting PDFs with Next JS

Failing States Fail Terrorists Too

Farming Indoors

Full Hamcus: Finding the Spark in Sci-fi Workwear

Functional Immersion

Hidden in the Shallows

HMW How Might We?

Homeric Design Strategy

How to Design the Future of Food in 4 Hours

Import your Audible Library to Goodreads

Kitbashing Experience

Putting our different experiences together to make something new

Learning with Pressure, Time, and Surface Area

Legibility in Design

Memory Toolkits

Migration and Circumstance

Next Steps for Diverge

On Dumb Pleasures

On Remote Work and the Coronavirus

Parasitic and Symbiotic Product


Planning your Design Research Trip

Platform Insurrection

Power and Fantasy — Hamcus SS21

Professional Warning People

A quick look at strategic warning intelligence and the professional Cassandra

Reconstructive Design Process

Consciously metabolizing past design work to create something new

Reflecting on 2019

Reflecting on 2020

Reflexive Reflective

Renewing Spaces

Skill Spalling

Some Design Research Principles

Speculative Surplus

Sponge Cycles

Identify and define the cycles where you absorb and become

The Anatomy of a Research Recruitment Email

The Decay of Digital Things

A book chapter I wrote on how internet connected objects decay

The Design Researcher’s Everyday Carry

The Problem with Validity

Thinking through Research Automation

Automation and orchestration in research ops

Visceral Control

War against Stagnation

Wearing Technology

Zombie Nonprofits