Between 2017 and 2022 I was an independent consultant through my business, Stupid Systems ApS. This business is currently alive to maintain some ongoing projects, but very secondary while I do That Startup Life.

That said, I love consulting work, and I'll be bace to it when the time comes.

I have had some great clients like INGKA Co-Create, Innovation Fund Denmark, Mozilla, Opentrons, and Code for Canada.

Broadly my work falls into four categories:

  1. Early Product -Make It Happen- Management
  2. Exploratory Research into Emerging Communities
  3. Dev Experience UX Research and Research ops
  4. Teaching big-org Sense Making and OODA-mindset for practitioners (Workshops)

I've worked for and with some in some of the biggest organizations out there, from the US Department of Defence to Ikea; and also the seed to series A size. I'm less comfortable in the scale up environments where the "wiggle room" and ontologically interesting work.

Here are some public examples from past gigs.

Sage Publishing Webinar

Better Research Through Automation

Designing Trust Relationships in Research

Mozilla Research Deck

Public Link