Why Coaching?

We all get lost in our own heads, get distracted, or lose the plot. We unconciously weigh down our passions with goals and the accomplishments of others, or we circle around a desire without taking a structured approach to reach it.

Coaching provides structured and potentially transformative approaches to getting to where we want to be — facilitated in a co-creative and accountability-focused way.

I'm primarily wok with makers, solo entreprenurs, and hobbyists who are:

  • Looking to start
  • Looking to maintain
  • Looking to grow
  • Looking to shift

Why Me?

Years of team and leadership consulting has convinced me that indivitual "coaching" can be one of the most effective tools for folk to start towards ambitions, move past plateau, and recognize when this part of the jouney is over.

I have designed training programs for a Danish and Japanese startup accelerators, the Code for Canada teams, IDEO clients, and the US Dept of Defense. In each of there cases, new and productive ways of supporting makers of all types emerged. Coaching one was of the most effective.

Coaching provides a facilitated path for introspection and personal growth. It's not mentorship or advice, because you know your own mind and domain. Rather, it presents a space to discuss with a focus and useful tools for guided introspection.

What to Expect

First, we can do a zero-commitment call to see if we're a good fit. Because I'm working towards certification, I'm offering the first three sessions free, and then after that will be paid at a reduced rate.

Sessions are scheduled at 45 minutes. These can happen in person in Copenhagen, or online. Sessions are recorded for transcription and follow up purposes only.

Why Free Initially?

I'm currently working through getting certified as an accredited transformative coach. Similar to my practice with as a qualitative reseracher, I'm focusing on working with engineers, makers, and technical hobbyists.

The first three sessions are free. After 3 sessions, we can decide on what's next. For certification, I need to accomplish 40 hours initially to certify with my course, then another 60 hours for full ICF accredidation.

Let's book a zero-commitment intro call

I'll send you a scheduling link shortly