Andrew is a design leader and coach who loves research and prototyping. He is an alumni of Ideo and the US Digital Service, and has consulted on building products and developer experience with clients like Ikea, Mozilla, and Opentrons. Most recently, he led research at Keel.

Andrew is an experienced prototyper and developer, and has independently build everything from interactive installations, to IoT devices, to SaaS applications. He was awarded a concept grant by Sage Publishing in 2020, and was a public interest technology fellow at New America in 2018.

Andrew is also a trained and practicing coach, currently completing his Animas and ICF certification. Interested in trying coaching? Go here.

He has a masters in international security studies, an MBA, and a BA in political science. He has Canadian/American citizen, and resides in Denmark with his wife and son. His Danish is coming along.