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A bit of background

I'm a software designer and entrepreneur — in the build slow and bootstrap sense of things. I launched the consent management platform Knowsi in 2019 and recently launched the open source outfit blog, Stupid Fits.
Previous to that, I've been a principal designer and project lead at IDEO, was the first designer on the Defense Digital Service team at the Pentagon, and was a 2017 Public Interest Technology fellow at New America.
These days I live in Copenhagen with my wife and son, and run a small software consultancy called Stupid Systems. We've worked with clients like IKEA, Mozilla, Cookpad, and CIID to discover

Get in Touch

You can email me any time at alb at andrewlb.com. Also, feel free to schedule some time during my office hours to chat.

Product Development

End-to-end product development. I've built and launched multiple products from nothing — independently, as a contributor, and as the product manager.

Design Research

I focus on early-stage product research with large institutions, with the goal of bringing the internal team along for the ride. An engagement ends with increased capacity and a strong foundation for future work.

Systems Navigation

This is the thing that's a bit more confusing. I'm good at going into big organizations from the US Department of Defense to IKEA, and finding a problem worth solving. I've usually been able to form a team, a plan, and a project around this problem that leads to shipped software and happy stakeholders. I love this kind of work, so if you think I could help, or know of someone who might need this type of help, let me know.
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