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Independent Consultant

I provide design and management consulting services primarily to mission-driven organizations. Often there is a product or software platform involved (or anticipated in the future). Usually it involves me making something tangible. Ideally I’m doing some field research. And almost always, these engagements involve some form of capacity building and facilitation.

Principal Designer @ IDEO

I was a Principal Interaction Designer and Project Lead at IDEO, focused on leading programs to apply human centered design for gnarly systems challenges between people and technology.

Key Skills

  • Interaction Design
  • Systems Strategy
  • Software Design
  • Human Centered Research
  • Software Development
  • Project Leadership

Public Projects

Ford Multimodal Experience Research

Project Lead (team of 10)

Link: New York Times: The Commute of the Future?

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Researching and designing to global mobility behaviours in major urban centres. Our goal: to identify and execute on key service and product opportunities between Ford’s core DNA, public sector needs, and consumer behaviours. Following research across 30+ qualitative interviews and a survey of 800+ subjects, we designed a series of prototypes and experiments to activate behaviour and growth hypotheses pulled from our research.

IDEO Futures: Hello Blockchain

Project Lead + Developer (team of 4)

Link: Hello, Blockchain

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A quick two week design and development sprint with the IDEO Futures team, that came out of some early bitcoin experiments Reid (Futures team) and I were doing.
The site served the goal of teaching the core concepts behind bitcoin to participants in a Harvard hackathon, who later went on to join the first IDEO Futures coLAB.

Planned Parenthood Experience

Technical Lead/Interaction Designer (team of 4)

Press: IDEO Reimagines the Future of Planned Parenthood

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We had the incredible opportunity to work with Planned Parenthood in helping them reimaingine and re-implement their patient experience across thousands of Healthcare Centres. Through a combination of data-driven digital prototyping, in-clinic ethnographic research, and deep technical exploration, we helped Planned Parenthood create a new future for their patients.
We won the Fast Company Innovation By Design award in 2016.

IKEA Future of the Kitchen

C++/Computer Vision Developer (team of 3)

Press: IKEA and IDEO tease a kitchen for the end of the world

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Worked with two other software developers and a remote design team to create a robust, realtime computer vision prototype of the “Future of the Kitchen” concept for IKEA.

Beautiful Medicine + Music in the Noise

Interaction Design + Frontend Development (team of 5)


With Novartis, we created a pair of digital narratives about scientific advancement. I was an interaction designer and a software developer for both sites, which we implemented primarily with Backbone and D3.
Beautiful Medicine
Music in the Noise

Roles at IDEO:

2016 Principal Interaction Designer – Project Lead
2015 Senior Interaction Designer – Project Lead
2014 Senior Interaction Designer
2013 Creative Technologist (Mobile Web, C++, Arduino)


Relay Studio (Owner)
Normative (Designer)
Taxi (Interaction Designer)
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