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Principal Designer @ IDEO

I was a Principal Interaction Designer and Project Lead at IDEO, focused on leading programs to apply human centered design for gnarly systems challenges between people and technology.

I believe in creating a path to implementation in the most future-facing of projects, and leading product teams through the ambiguity of discovery-driven innovation. I do this through designing the products, experiments, and programs that build the teams and tools to enable disproportionate systemic outcomes.

Key Skills

  • Interaction Design
  • Systems Strategy
  • Software Design
  • Human Centered Research
  • Software Development
  • Project Leadership

Public Projects

Ford Multimodal Experience Research

Project Lead (team of 10)

Link: New York Times: The Commute of the Future?

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Researching and designing to global mobility behaviours in major urban centres. Our goal: to identify and execute on key service and product opportunities between Ford’s core DNA, public sector needs, and consumer behaviours. Following research across 30+ qualitative interviews and a survey of 800+ subjects, we designed a series of prototypes and experiments to activate behaviour and growth hypotheses pulled from our research.

IDEO Futures: Hello Blockchain

Project Lead + Developer (team of 4)

Link: Hello, Blockchain

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A quick two week design and development sprint with the IDEO Futures team, that came out of some early bitcoin experiments Reid (Futures team) and I were doing.
The site served the goal of teaching the core concepts behind bitcoin to participants in a Harvard hackathon, who later went on to join the first IDEO Futures coLAB.

Planned Parenthood Experience

Technical Lead/Interaction Designer (team of 4)

Press: IDEO Reimagines the Future of Planned Parenthood

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We had the incredible opportunity to work with Planned Parenthood in helping them reimaingine and re-implement their patient experience across thousands of Healthcare Centres. Through a combination of data-driven digital prototyping, in-clinic ethnographic research, and deep technical exploration, we helped Planned Parenthood create a new future for their patients.
We won the Fast Company Innovation By Design award in 2016.

IKEA Future of the Kitchen

C++/Computer Vision Developer (team of 3)

Press: IKEA and IDEO tease a kitchen for the end of the world

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Worked with two other software developers and a remote design team to create a robust, realtime computer vision prototype of the “Future of the Kitchen” concept for IKEA.

Roles at IDEO:

2016 Principal Interaction Designer – Project Lead
2015 Senior Interaction Designer – Project Lead
2014 Senior Interaction Designer
2013 Creative Technologist (Mobile Web, C++, Arduino)


Relay Studio (Owner)
Normative (Designer)
Taxi (Interaction Designer)
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