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  • October 5-6, 2013.
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I’m a computational and installation artist focused on using digital and network technologies to translate experiences into new environments. This is often using code, sculpture, structures, electronics, and sound.

As an artist, I’ve been commissioned by OCAD University for Nuit Blanche, the City of Toronto for the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit, the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) for their James Bond retrospective, and others for high-traffic interactive public art pieces.


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  • October 5-6, 2013.
  • October 5-6, 2013.
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Git repo:

Stoke is an interactive installation piece by Relay Studio, and was commissioned by OCAD University for its Nuit Blanche exhibition, Gather, shown on October 5th, 2013. Custom software was written in C++ with openFrameworks, OpenGL, and OpenCV to form the application that drove the visual and interactive experience. It controlled a dynamic multi-channel drone composition in Ableton Live.
In collaboration with Adam Carlucci, Nick Crampton, and Eliot Callahan.

Sensor Stories

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Github Repo:

A fast way to prototype ideas for sensor-driven interfaces via firmata and video. It’s an in development tool that I’m using to create sensor triggered and state defined wireframes for large screen or projection-based interactive spaces. Presenting sketches in such a way tells a compelling and flexible story around how we interact with our things and spaces.


Throne Speech is a public art installation that will be displayed from July 5th to 7th at Nathan Phillips Square as part of the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit, a multi-day art festival that sees over 100,000 visitors and substantial press coverage.
The installation is a pair of portable toilets that have been transformed into a tin-can telephones, allowing wireless conversation between the two points. When a visitor approaches one of the toilet-telephones, wireless sensors detect their presence and cause the connected porta-potty to “ring,” prompting someone on the other side to approach and converse with the the caller.
The installation humorously shines a light on our changing relationship with privacy and telecommunication, while also showcasing how networked technology is changing our relationship with otherwise mundane experiences.
In collaboration with Adam Carlucci, Nick Crampton, and Eliot Callahan.


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Firesite is an interactive lighting installation that reveals the social properties of fire, translating a campfire’s message of community, warmth, and protection to an indoor setting.

Firesite uses a blend of traditional and emerging crafts: binding carpentry and woodworking with 3D printed joints, computer vision enabled interaction, and embedded computing. The lights know where people are in the room and use this data to invite congregation, applying our newest interactive technologies to summon our most primitive needs for safety and community.
In collaboration with Thomas Rojick.