A brief update for the past month and a half

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I have started a new position of Designer at Normative Design. In the two months since I’ve started, I have worked on massive intranets, start up companies, product redesigns, and have pitched and had started development on a robotics project. I could not be happier.

I am hosting the Toronto Service Design Jam with friend and co-conspirator Michael-Owen Liston. It is on February 24th, and it will be fantastic.

I have been working on an application called Colour Phone with graphic designer friend Ayla Newhouse. It is built on NodeJS, and is part of a larger effort to build tools for both communicating in different mediums, and understanding what might affect those mediums. We’re currently building the actual interface and a geolocative component.

I will be on a panel next week discussing the role of networked technology in empowering activism and collaboration. The panel is called the Collaborative Activist, and it’s hosted by Commons11.

I have made a prototype in collaboration with the collective Super Secret Shares & Sons for facilitating communication between gendered spaces. I will post it soon, ’cause it’s fun, but want to review internally first.

More to come!