Handmade Music Toronto!

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Link: Handmade Music Toronto!

We’re hosting a two day DIY music festival next weekend at Interacces Electronic Media Arts Gallery, come out and join!

Friday Sept 24th will be part of the Monome tour, featuring monome artists from Canada and the US.

Saturday Sept 25th will feature local DIY artists showing off some of their creations, talking about their work, and making you dance like nothing else.

You should come join!

Eventbrite: http://handmadefestto.eventbrite.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=149040658462460


Friday 24th (monome tour)9:30 Das Bass
10:15 TheAlphaNerd
11 Dark Seeker
11:45 The Cigarette Operahouse
12:30 Kero.Fm
1:15 - ? No Luck Club DJ Set ( No luck Dj’ing Between Set’s As Well)
Saturday 25th (Handmade/DIY night)
915 Island Dweller (Sliced Sample Classy man) http://soundcloud.com/island-dweller/
10 Sara Simms (Miss Monome DJ) http://www.sarasimms.com/
1045 Mandelbrut (Handmade Noise maestro) http://www.mandelbrut.com/
1130 Rocky G (Glitch Audio/Visual Heart throb) http://www.foolskool.com/
1215 Little Oak Animal (Ambiant Audio/Visual bliss) http://www.littleoakanimal.com/
1 Adam Ribdou (Blinky light dance off) http://www.makingthenoise.com